May 27 Feature Announcement: Change Control
As part of the SAS-70 controls, we have developed a system of accountability for all ISM rule changes.
October 10 Feature Announcement: Web Filter
The new ISM Web Content Filter allows administrators to easily assign web surfing policies for individual computers or groups of computers on the LAN.
April 10 Feature Enhancement: Spam Filter
The Internet Security Manager Team has reworked our spam prevention system from the ground up.
January 1 Feature Announcement: Network Connectivity Monitor
The latest enhancement to the Internet Security Manager pinpoints problems on your network, making it easier than ever to get maximum speeds from your Internet connection.
October 16 Feature Announcement: Web Activity Monitor
New Web Activity Monitor provides web surfing history and allows yout to see surfing in real-time while it's happening.
July 26 Feature Enhancement: Wake From Sleep
Enhancement to the SSL VPM allows you to wake a sleeping remote machine.
July 18 Feature Enhancement: Mail System
Five new mail enhancements to help protect your users.
March 8 Feature Enhancement: Mail Footers
Now available, company-wide email footers for customers using the email service on their ISM.
September 11 Feature Announcement: SSL VPN
Safely connect from anywhere there is Internet access directly to your office network, no usernames or password to remember.
February 1 Feature Announcement: Threat Alert
Watches for spyware, pinpoints infected machines, and notifies you of intrusions.