What hardware does UIA use?answer »

Can the ISM be interconnected to other ISM's over a permanent VPN tunnel? answer »

Does the anti-spam feature really work?answer »

How long does it take to configure an ISM?answer »

Is the ISM hardware or software based?answer »

Does ISM provide NAT (Network Address Translation), and if so, can it do both static and dynamic NAT?answer »

Does ISM support / require multiple interfaces on firewall?answer »

How are ICMP packets handled by default? How are they enabled or disabled from traversing the firewall?answer »

How does the GUI connect and communicate with the firewall?answer »

Is the HTTP/Proxy service based on Apache?answer »

How is log file rotation handled?answer »

How are rulebase change control, backup and recovery handled? In other words, what happens if a change is made that causes something to break...how do I revert back to a previous rulebase?answer »

How do my employees get support?answer »

Does UIA do regular rule maintenance? If a user need a port opened how is this done?answer »

Who is responsible for maintaining software updates on the ISM? answer »

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