BlackBerry Releases Patches for Enterprise Server By admin | October 14, 2010 Today, BlackBerry released patches to address a vulnerability in the PDF distiller component of the BlackBerry Attachment Service for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BBES). Listed as BlackBerry KB24547, the have scored it using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) at 7.6. This scale ranges from zero (0) through ten (10), and 7.6 is classified as "High" risk, just one rating below the most severe rating of "Critical." This score is due to the nature of the vulnerability - buffer overflow errors that could lead to a DoS condition or even arbitrary code execution on the system with BBES installed. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administrators are urged to patch immediately. Related Links: BlackBerry KB24547: CVSS at Wikipedia:
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Microsoft Patches A Record 49 Vulnerabilities By admin | October 12, 2010 It's "Patch Tuesday," and Microsoft has issued patches to correct a record 49 separate vulnerabilities in its Windows operating systems and other Microsoft software. These updates include patches rated "Critical," Microsoft's most severe security rating, reserves for vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited to allow attackers to remotely control affected systems. Some of the critical patches affect Internet Explorer versions 6 through 8, meaning a computer could be compromised simply by web surfing to a malicious site. Microsoft and UIA recommend all users and system administrators patch their systems immediately. Related Links: Microsoft Windows Update: Microsoft Security Research and Defense Blog: ISC SANS Black Tuesday Roundup:
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