Microsoft Issues Critical Patches for IE and Exchange By admin | February 11, 2009 Microsoft issued several patches yesterday to correct critical vulnerabilities in Exchange and Windows. The Exchange vulnerabilities are particularly alarming, as they allow an attacker to send a specially crafted e-mail to an Exchange server, which triggers the exploit and allows the attacker to take control of the Exchange server remotely. The Internet Security Manager provides a comprehensive spam e-mail filtering system that stops not only spam, but also viruses, trojans, and other e-mail threats in their tracks. The ISM can be placed inline with an Exchange server using our Mail Forward Exchange technology to stop e-mail threats in their tracks before they ever reach your mail server. Placing the ISM in front of an Exchange server provides a safe, secure, easy to install solution that can eliminate spam and protect your mail server. For more information, please contact your ISM sales representative. For more information on this week's Microsoft security patches, please see
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Computers Being Infected with Malware Via Windshield Ticket By admin | February 9, 2009 Over the weekend, a new (and completely novel) malware attack vector came to light in several website and blog posts. Someone in Grand Forks, North Dakota has been placing fake parking notices on the windshields of cars in the area, with instructions to take care of the ticket by going to a certain web site. When that web site is visited with Internet Explorer, it installs a malicious Browser Helper Object (BHO) that propagates the malware to the visitor's computer. This is an excellent example of social engineering being used to compel users to install malicious software on their computer, despite other security measures that might be in place to prevent such an attack. More on this story can be found at,1000000567,10012076o-2000331828b,00.htm

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