SQL Injection Attack tools By admin | June 25, 2008 If you use Microsoft SQL for your website backend, be sure and check out these tools, Scrawlr, Urlscan and Microsoft Source Code Analyzer for SQL Injection. These tools are free. Every web developer should find the time to use them against sites they design.
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Mac OSX Trojans By admin | June 25, 2008 There are two new trojans for OSX. Both rely on social engineering (convincing the user to install something they got through email or from a website). The ISM anti virus email measures will prevent these two trojans from getting to your users through email.
The easiest way to troubleshoot this is to disable any firewall free phone spy app software, whether it's third-party or the built-in windows or mac firewall feature, and see if the library appears properly

Serious bug in Windows Bluetooth Persists By admin | June 24, 2008 A recently released patch for XP Windows users did not work as expected. The bug, referenced in from Microsoft allows a nearby bluetooth hacker to compromise an XP machine that has bluetooth enabled. We recommend that bluethooth be disabled on a laptop until the fix has been pushed out through the regular Microsoft update mechanism. The galaxy inspect over here note iii is expected to debut later this year, and thekoreatimes is already beginning the media onslaught with the news that it believes the new handset will feature an all-new, even larger screen weighing in at an amazing 6. Further information can be found in article.

Apple fixes Windows version of Safari By admin | June 20, 2008 Apple has released a patch for Safari on Windows to fix the carpet bombing security problem. OSX users were not affected by this particular security bug. If you use Safari on Windows, update if you have not already. Read more about it here.
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Cisco Pix and Cisco ASA Vulnerabilities By admin | June 19, 2008 There are some serious vulnerabilities in the Cisco PIX and ASA. See the notice here. If you use a Cisco PIX or ASA and have anything less then the IOS version 8.1.x then you should upgrade ASAP.
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Poisoned DNS and DHCP trojan By admin | June 17, 2008 A new reworked Trojan is breaking into routers that have their default user name and password set. Before going much further, make sure your router is NOT using the factory default user name and password. All you have to do is to make sure that it is not set to factory defaults and a semi tough password then you should be fine. Don't assume you are not a target, it is an automated bot that is checking IP's at random so no one is immune from the attack. To further harden your network I would advise that you run DHCP from another device and NOT from your router. That way if someone does break into your router they really can't do much with it (besides just bringing it down). Here are the details of how the hack works: Once the Trojan breaks into your router (using a dictionary of default passwords) it resets the DNS servers to the hackers servers in the Ukraine. Where the trick comes in is that those DNS numbers that the Trojan modifies are used in the DHCP settings of your router. So if you use DHCP on your router then your users well get those DNS servers on their workstations. Once this happens the hacker DNS servers that your users are using can direct your users to various hacker sites without the user ever being aware. A user might type in www.bankofamerica.com and a spoof hacker site comes up instead of the real Bank Of America site. Easy enough to convince a user to type in their user name and password once this is accomplished. For more details go to this link.
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Firefox 3 is out By admin | June 17, 2008 If you currently use Firefox I recommend you move to 3. The beta's were pretty good so the release should be also. I just tried to update from the built-in update mechanism but that got an error (the update site or sites might be pretty busy right now). Going to Mozilla directly seems to work ok, albeit slowly.
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New anti-phishing and anti-malware in browsers By admin | June 16, 2008 Both Opera and Firefox are both putting a lot of work into preventing their users from being taken in by phishing sites and hacked sites that contain malware. See this article for more details. Firefox 3 is about ready for release. The latest beta looks pretty good in fact, although I have seen some folks complaining about slow flash support (Windows side only, Mac side appears to be ok) in the latest beta. Both Opera and Firefox seem very serious in this effort and I think it is real enough to recommend to users that they at least try these new browsers. This is good stuff from both Opera and Firefox, lets hope the trend continues and maybe just maybe Internet Explorer will start to do this as well.
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What is Ransomeware? By admin | June 16, 2008 Ransomeware is a twist on a virus or spyware program that is installed on a users machine that puts all of your documents in an encrypted space on your hard drive and removes them from your view. So in other words the hacker throws all of your documents, email and anything else that might be of value into a safe and then lets you know that for a fee he will get it back out of the safe and give you your important documents back. It's so absurd that it's almost funny, unless it happens to you that is. It is very simple and easy to read the full information here use with extra features that other root methods don't have. This points out how ransomeware authors are becoming more sophisticated at these kinds of programs. The easiest and most obvious way to beat this is to have a good backup of your data. Also, keep your users away from news services and Peer to Peer services where these kinds of trojan programs tend to proliferate. I don't think it is widespread but it is and interesting idea that someone could hold your data hostage.

Patches for everyone By admin | June 11, 2008 Both Apple and Microsoft released several patches Tuesday. These three from Microsoft are critical. Apple's Quicktime player also received 5 fixes. Of course (goes without saying nowadays) if you have not done so by now.. please make sure you run your updates or turn on automatic updates to take advantage of these security fixes.
All you need is your dropbox account back at calepin's site, you can add a title for your site that will be printed on the top of your pages and will show in the browser tab when spyappsinsider.com/ your site is open

Legit Websites being hijacked By admin | June 10, 2008 The number of websites being hacked and then having hacker code inserted into that site has dramatically increased from May 2007 to May 2008 according to this article on ZDNet. The not-so-new but favorite method of hacking a website is SQL injection or Cross Site Scripting techniques. Once a site is compromised then the hacker code then attacks users surfing to that site.
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Is your Flash Player vulnerable? By admin | June 10, 2008 There has been some confusion lately from Symantec on vulnerable versions of the Flash Player. Every web browser that supports flash on websites has to contain the flash player. After some initial announcements that the latest current version of the Flash Player were vulnerable Symantec has back tracked to say that it is not. You should be running version If you have any doubts go here to check your version.
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Dynamic Domain SQL Injected Websites By admin | June 4, 2008 There is yet another twist to SQL injection hacks. Websites are being hacked using SQL Injection techniques. The sites are being hijacked to support flash based ads. Not a huge security risk but the hacker could start to use other kinds of code instead of using fairly harmless banner ads. The website directs the user to a domain (for the ad), the twist comes from the fact that the domain is changing it's IP address quite a bit. This thwarts most Firewalls since most Firewalls block on an IP address only or they can look up an IP from a domain but do not look it up again after the rules are loaded. You can read more detail about the attack here. The ISM refreshes it's domain blocks every 5 minutes so this is not a problem. For example the domain en-us18.com had these IP's a couple of days ago: www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A www.en-us18.com. 10M IN A and now a lookup reveals: en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address en-us18.com has address Your firewall should support domain blocking and should do frequent lookups to prevent this kind of hacked out website exposure to all users.
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SQL Injection Attacks on the rise By admin | June 4, 2008 If you don't know what an SQL Injection attack is click here. For those folks that are running a web server that has Microsoft SQL running there is a serious concern over the recent spike in SQL Injection attacks. Even though some articles point to a security flaw in Microsoft SQL that is not really the case. Properly coded websites will not have a problem, by checking and sanitizing input. The good news is that we have rolled out several new rules that deal with the latest attacks. Well known SQL attacks are now included in the Internet Security Manager IDS engine. Upon seeing one of these attack attempts the IDS will block the ip from further communication. Even if you have our ISM and you have a web server that is running MS SQL we strongly encourage you to both code audit and to take some basic steps to cut down the chances of a successful attack. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that your particular site is not high profile enough to warrant an attack. The latest SQL Injection attacks are coming from compromised servers running bots that look for vulnerable sites, they even use google to conduct their search. Click here to see some more detail on how the bot uses google. Go here if you want to read about some more basic steps you can take to protect your server.
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