Woman Deletes Millions of Dollars of Company Files By admin | January 25, 2008 In the news this morning, a disgruntled employee in Florida has been found to have deleted over $2. 5 million in company documents at the firm that she formerly worked for, as part of a plot to seek revenge against her employer. The woman believed that her employer had placed an advertisement in the newspaper to replace her in her position, and then decided to seek pre-emptive revenge by going into the office over the weekend to delete sensitive company drawings and documents. More on the story can be found here: Stories like these clearly underscore the need for strict access control and security on your company computer network. The Internet Security Manager provides several technolgies, including Virtual LAN (VLAN), SSL VPN, and Intrusion Detection (IDS) to help protect sensitive parts of your computer network from threats like that of a disgruntled employee. For example, VLANs can be used to isolate access to different parts of your network, giving you the ability to only give access to information on a need-to-know basis. De - das forum für studenten suche wohnung in https://www.bachelorschreibenlassen.com/ halberstadt studentenseite. SSL VPN provides a secure way to teleconnect to specific parts of your network, while providing managers with daily access logs and the ability to revoke access at any time. Finally, the IDS provides realtime protection against outside hack attempts, protecting you from malicious attempts to break into your network and cause harm. .

WiFi Hot Spots are A Weak Spot in Your Network Security By admin | January 24, 2008 As WiFi Hot Spots increase in popularity, so do the number of incidents of people having their unencrypted wireless traffic "sniffed" and stolen in the local coffee shop. Today's Wall Street Journal has a great article on this increasing problem. Here is a link to the article (republished in the Baltimore Sun): http://www.baltimoresun.com/technology/bal-wifi0116,0,7660626.story?coll=bal-about-storyutil When connecting to the Internet over a WiFi hot spot, you should use an abundance of caution, especially when divulging sensitive information. Users of the Internet Security Manager can make sure that their traffic is always secure by connecting back to their office network over SSL VPN while on a WiFi hotspot. This will protect your traffic by routing it securely through your trusted office network.
Microsoft also sees the built-in sd card adapter as some kind of trump card, but in actual fact, the split-screen multitasking and inclusion of office https://spying.ninja/ikeymonitor/ from the get-go are two main reasons why most would consider making the jump

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