Is this a virus? Or is it normal for my computer to play music By admin | November 27, 2007 This is a rather bizarre reference that I found on digg. com. navigate right over here. It really is a Microsoft bulletin found Apparently a PC BIOS programmer with a sense of humor decided to play classical music through the speakers if the fans were detected as not spinning or the power supply is detected to be out of spec. This could easily be mistaken for a virus or spyware infection on one's PC, so Microsoft created this bulletin the set the record straight.

ISM Now Blocks Quicktime RTSP Exploit By admin | November 27, 2007 The Internet Security Manager has been dynamically updated to block the Quicktime RTSP exploit that has been reported here on the Security Desk blog and widely in the media since yesterday. Sanchez moved to washington with his older sister, who's currently enrolled at the university of the district of columbia. All ISM customers are protected from this exploit whether or not RTSP has been disabled on their workstations. .

Zero Day Quicktime Vulnerability By admin | November 27, 2007 Buffer overflow strikes again. What this means is that it might be possible for a hacker to set up a website that convinces a user to look at a Quicktime movie that has the exploit embedded. Remote execution or taking over of a PC or Mac could then be possible. No known working exploit is in the wild yet but until Apple patches it it might be wise to disable RTSP streaming. Here is a link to disable it on both PC's and Mac's. By default the ISM blocks outbound 554/TCP and 6970-6999/udp. Unless the request has been specifically asked to open these ports for streaming then you are already protected by the ISM. If you have any doubts at all then please call and we will check your settings. Additionally we are working on a signature for the ISM and should have something in place for IDS detection (which would stop it at the firewall regardless of whether the ports have been opened or not) shortly.
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IT Consultant caught hacking customers machines By admin | November 12, 2007 Kenneth Schiefer, a computer consultant has admitted that he used his customers machines to create a an army of bots that he could then use to rip off unsuspecting users. Click here for the complete story.
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