Hit By Monster Phishing Scam By admin | August 23, 2007 Employee recruitment site has become the latest in a growing string of high-profile businesses to be victimized by hackers. Symantec is reporting that a new Trojan, called Trojan.Gpcoder.E is being sent to job candidates (using a mailing list also stolen from, using a different exploit) in a phishing email with an attachment containing the malicious trojan. The trojan is disguised as a new tool for job seekers, complete with the logo for its application icon, and personal information about the candidate to convince them that the e-mail is legitimate. Once installed, the trojan encrypts documents and other files on the user's hard drive, allowing the hacker group behind the trojan to attempt to extort money from the victims to decode the files back into their original state. If you have the ISM and you are taking advantage of the anti-spam mail feature then you are already protected from phishing scam emails like the one that is being used against More on the issue can be found here.
For a special advocacy boot camp and sets up meetings between parents and members of congress

Users Not Aware of Email Threats By admin | August 16, 2007 A study conducted in May indicates that over half of users are not totally aware of online threats. Not a revelation but still the number is pretty high. Click here for the article. The article backs up the assertion that educating users to the threats is difficult. Part of the reason for this is that threats are constantly changing. Asking busy users to keep up every little new and improved attack is a bit much. Threats should be stopped as much as possible at the mail server. If you have an Exchange server or run your own mail server ask your sales representative how you can protect it. An ISM in front of your mail server (or the ISM itself) can prevent: Spam Phishing Scams (80% of users have been duped!) Viruses
Before the test, students reported that they expected studying smaller groups of flashcards would be more helpful than studying the big stack, and they expected no real try these out writing a research paper benefit from studying more cards at once

Network Card responsible for Airport Delay By admin | August 15, 2007 Not a security issue, but in other interesting news: A recent LAX delay for 20,000 was caused by a faulty network card. The story is here.
Dreama gentry, the executive director of berea college's partners for education project and one of the coordinating partners for kentucky's p3, agreed that many projects can get stymied by imagined barriers

IRS Security Issues By admin | August 3, 2007 Not entirely surprising but still interesting is the news that the IRS has some security holes. and By admin | August 3, 2007 Both gotomypc and logmein are proxy services whereby a user can access their desktop PC from any location. This is a handy service but it has a significant security downside in that any user on your LAN (or even an outside IT consultant) can sign up for the service and get access to their work PC without any reporting to management or network administrator. If a user quits or is disgruntled and management does not know about the remote access then that user can do real damage to the network or a critical server from any remote location. The more secure method is to use the ISM's SSL VPN in which every access is controlled and logged. Access can be revoked or suspended at anytime using SSL VPN feature. The ISM has always blocked gotomypc from being active in the default configuration. It has come to our attention that there is a new service that is much like gotomypc and is called logmein. We have updated the ISM to deny access by default to logmein for the above security concerns. As always the default block can be overridden and access can be allowed if you are using either one of these services legitimately.
Those who took a core curriculum of at least four years of english, three years of math, three years of natural science, and three years of social studies click educational service scored more than 44 points higher on each section than those who had not

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