Trillian Chat Client with CRITICAL Security Issue By admin | June 19, 2007 Trillian is a popular multi-protocol chat client. It has a critical security flaw requiring all users of Trillian to update their software. More here If you use Trillian, please update right away!
More than 250 angry parents who had found out just days before that their children's schools could be shuttered next fall drowned out the efforts of a rhee aide to use a powerpoint presentation to explain why the chancellor and mr

Identify Thief Chased Down and Caught by Victim By admin | June 15, 2007 Read this story for a satisfying and rare case of an identity thief actually being caught, and by the victim no less! Although the identity theft occurred via postal (snail mail), this kind of theft happens via spyware as well. Please use the ISM Threat Alert to help identify spyware on your network.

A Million PCs infected? By admin | June 14, 2007 According to the FBI the answer is yes! From the SecurityFocus Article The FBI announced on Wednesday that an ongoing cybercrime initiative, dubbed Operation Bot Roast, has identified more than a million PCs compromised with bot software and resulted in charges against three people for violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Sie besitzen große bedeutung in der textil-, der papier- und bauindustrie. Don't let you PC be a member in the BOT Army, use Threat Alert on your ISM to let you know if spyware is on your network. .

City of Carson Hacked By admin | June 14, 2007 This is not a brand new story but it's worth reading. From the "Computer hackers broke into the city of Carson's general fund account and stole $450,000, the city revealed Wednesday. Investigators believe the thieves were able to access the account by using a spyware program to steal passwords from a city-owned laptop computer, Treasurer Karen Avilla said. Avilla notified the city's bank upon discovering the theft. The bank was able to freeze 90 percent of the money. Sheriff's deputies and Secret Service agents are still trying to track down the other $45,000. Er verstand es außerdem meisterhaft, durch vermittlung zwischen den gegensätzlichen außenpolitischen vorstellungen die preußische außenpolitik so auszurichten, dass man sich nicht eindeutig festlegen musste. The money was stolen in two wire transfers. Avilla said she noticed the first transfer, in the amount of $90,500, last Thursday. The money had been transferred the previous day to an account in North Carolina, according to a sheriff's report. " So hackers installed a key logger on the laptop. Spyware is a huge problem to say the least. The user probably installed some innocent looking cursor application or something like it which had spyware in it. I doubt the key logger was in the spyware that was downloaded, but here is what happens; The spyware that was initially installed "phones home" and fetches other spyware that would then have the key logger. The laptop was probably infected with all kinds of spyware for a while without anyone knowing. The ISM comes with a spyware detector called Threat Alert. If you are not sure if the notifications are set properly or you don't know what threat alert is then please call your sales rep or the ISM support staff to assist. .

Spammer pleads Guilty By admin | June 12, 2007 Adam Vitale pleaded guilty to spamming charges. From the article Here "The indictment said that in less than a week in August 2005, Vitale and Moeller sent e-mails on behalf of the informant to more than 1,277,000 addresses of subscribers at AOL, the online division of Time Warner Inc." Vitale faces a possible sentance of 11 years in federal prision. Lets hope this discourages future spammers.
Mitch daniels ordered $300 million in education cuts

Spam Assassin Rules Emporium Attacked with DDoS Attack By admin | June 8, 2007 For the last several days, the (a clearinghouse for some excellent spam filter rules for SA) has been unreachable. It has been reported on Usenet and that the site has been the victim of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which has rendered their web servers unreachable. This is just one of many attempted DDoS attacks against spam-fighting web site recently. Evidently, spammers have had enough of the wide variety of spam-fighting tools that threaten their ability to distribute unsolicited mail, and are fighting back with these attacks. Simply navigate to the albums view in the photos app, and then go to recently deleted photos and recover all those look at more info which you find to be valuable. More on the recent attacks can be found at The Internet Security Manager utilizes Spam Assassin as one of several methods for blocking spam and malware from entering your corporate network. While we do utilize Rules Emporium as a method for dynamically updating our spam rules, this outage will not affect normal ISM operations, and you will still see spam being blocked as expected. .

Spam King Robert Soloway Arrested by Authorities By admin | June 1, 2007 Several news sources are reporing that 'spam king' Robert Soloway has been arrested. Soloway was, for several years, the number one purveyor of spam on the Internet, with his malware infecting millions of computers and turning them into spam-generating zombies. Soloway was such a large threat that major ISPs and even Microsoft have won financial judgements against him for using their networks to generate unsolicited bulk e-mail. The Times has coverage of the story here. Additionally, Spamhaus has additional information about recent legal action against spammers on their web site.
Other revelations surround games such as halo anniversary 2 and fable legends, while forza horizon is detailed suggesting that a fancy new weather system and social gaming are going to be the big draws

Hackers Breach City Computer Network, Make Off With $45,000 By admin | June 1, 2007 Recently, the city of Carson, CA discovered that hackers had installed spyware on their City Treasurer's computer, and then recorded her keystrokes using spyware while she accessed the City's bank account via her computer. Days later, they used this information to make off with over $45,000 in city funds. The story was covered in the Los Angeles Times, and can be read . This incident underscores the need for strong network security. The story highlights several weaknesses that all network security administrators should be mindful of: 1. Laptop computers are a weakness in any computer network. Employees take them home, where they are not protected by your corporate firewall, and they become infested with spyware. When the laptop is brought back on to your network with this spyware, it creates a point of entry for hackers to use the spyware to access the information on your network. 2. Wireless networks: Wireless Access Points should not be connected to your internal LAN, as this opens up an opportunity for a 'drive-by hack'. People will rush in to conclude that, my gosh, there must be something wrong with this,' and in actuality, there wasn't. If you must provide wireless access on your network, connect the WAP to a DMZ outside of your LAN, and then have users who require access to content on the LAN use SSLVPN to connect back into the network. And, most importantly, make sure you are using WPA security on your WAP, as the older WEP protocol is now known to be vulnerable to attack. 3. Patches and Updates: Vulnerabilities are discovered almost every day in desktop software. It is of the utmost importance that your IT staff keep the machines on your network up-to-date with the latest patch releases. 4. Firewalls: Most importantly, your network should have a robust firewall that can prevent even the best hacker from accessing your network resources and from installing spyware. The Internet Security Manager would have prevented an attacker from ever being able to access the Carson city treasurer's laptop computer, because their traffic would have been stopped dead in its tracks at the firewall. We recommend that all enterprises and goverment offices who do not currently have a network firewall in place consider installing the Internet Security Manager as their firewall, to prevent attacks such as the one in Carson from occuring. .

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