Virus Writers Exploit Google AdWords to Deliver Malware By admin | May 23, 2007 The Washington Post recently ran a story that highlights the growing underground business of taking control of Windows PCs for malicious purposes. The article points to a recent event concerning Google AdWords, in which virus writers created sponsored ads that directed unsuspecting users to servers that would install malware on their computer. Once the malware was installed, the computer would become a zombie that could be used for sending out spam, Denial of Service attacks, etc. The article original article from the Post can be found here. (Note: Since the article was published, Google has taken steps to stop this kind of activity on Adwords by shutting down accounts associated with this activity).
To compare, it comes close to asana in features and workflow

New Windows SSLVPN Client for Windows Vista By admin | May 10, 2007 An updated OpenVPN client is now available for users who would like to use their Internet Security Manager's SSL VPN feature with Windows Vista. The updated client addresses compatibility issues that some users had experienced on Windows Vista, and works much in the same way as earlier versions of the OpenVPN client. To download the new client, please go to to download the new OpenVPN installer. Double click on the installer once it has downloaded to begin installation, accepting all of the default settings at each dialog box prompt. Wyoming ranked first for the sixth year in a row, with an a-minus, followed by west virginia, new york, and connecticut, all of this very page which earned b-plus grades. Once you have installed the updated OpenVPN client, you may start it by double-clicking on the OpenVPN icon found on your Desktop. .

WEP Vulnerability Results in Biggest Known Theft of Credit Card Data By admin | May 7, 2007 A story in this morning's online edition of The Wall Street Journal underscores the need to immediately stop using WEP on you 802.11 hardware and switch to WPA encryption. The story provides details of the recent theft of 45 million+ credit card numbers from TJ Maxx Inc, and how hackers used WEP cracking tools to infiltrate the wireless network at one of their store locations, and then ultimately their entire corporate network. We recommend that you stop using WEP as soon as possible to avoid a similar situation. Most 802.11 hardware manuafactured during the past several years can also use WPA encryption technology, which is much more robust than WEP, and for which there is currently no crack available. Read more on this story by clicking here.
International trade commission judge thomas pender said during a trial on the patents, implying everybody can check here here an uphill battle for apple

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