Nameserver Update for the ISM By admin | April 25, 2007 We've recently added an additional layer of redundancy to the ISM to ensure that customers always have access to the online resources that they utilize. As of Monday, April 23rd, all ISMs have been updated to use multiple geographically-isolated DNS servers, which will allow customers to continue browsing and sending e-mail even if the route to one of the DNS servers goes down. Additionaly, we've updated the DHCP service on the ISM to add the additional nameserver as an extra backup to all client workstations on the network.
In the interest of safety, it's also a good idea to subscribe by visit the website email or rss to each of your students' blogs, so that you are notified automatically whenever new items are posted

Storm Worm Virus Wreaks Havoc on Mail Servers By admin | April 13, 2007 Yesterday marked one of the largest virus proliferations in over 12 months, as two new variants of the Storm Work virus were unleashed online. These new virii are designed to coerce the recipient of an e-mail with the virus attached into running the attachment, which then installs a rootkit and downloads updates of itself from a P2P network. She taught a examine this fast-paced and organized lesson with all the elements she'd explained in the conference and the addition of modeling how to annotate. The goal of this virus is to take control of the target PC for use as a zombie in spam campaigns. Customers with the Tier II mail antivirus feature on their Internet Security Manager will be protected from this work as of today, 4/13/2007. More on this issue can be found .

Microsoft Patches 'Critical' Zero Day Exploit By admin | April 11, 2007 Microsoft released it's monthly roll-up of Windows patches yesterday, including a fix for a zero day exploit affecting the Windows Client and Server services. That particular vulnerability affects users of all versions of Windows since Windows 2000. If you have Automatic Updates turned on, you should have already received the patch. Otherwise, you should visit to update your system as soon as possible. More on the patches can be found in this article on
The hit website nevada state board approved the $425,000 agreement with harcourt aug

WEP Severely Compromised By admin | April 5, 2007 It has recently been reported that German researchers have developed an algorithm that can recover the WEP key used on your 802.11 wireless network with as few as 50,000 packets. With a steady flow of traffic, this means that an attacker sitting in your parking lot with a modest laptop could infiltrate your network in about one minute, exposing your corporate LAN to outsiders. This essentially means that WEP should no longer be relied upon for even modest network security. Use WPA with a secure passphrase instead. More on this can be found at
Bob riley's discretion that the republican governor has pledged to use to keep the jobs, which amount to about 8 percent of the state's teaching force of 49,000

Custom Viruses and Malware for sale? By admin | April 5, 2007 One interesting aspect about viruses and spyware is the profit motive. Wolf eben nicht als reine mythenbildung abtun, sondern leider nur zunehmend bestätigen freilich keinesfalls generalisierend, was sie zweifellos zurecht kritisierten, wenn dieser unterton denn mitschwänge. Now they even do support for their viruses? Incredibly it looks like they are becoming much more professional and are starting to offer turn-key virus solutions! Click for the article. .

Virus gangs fight it out over zombie PC networks By admin | April 3, 2007 Check out this interesting article on the underground world of virus writers and spammers. It would be funny if spam weren't such problem! The article is here.
We need an intervention system write new information in place that allows us to customize for the needs of districts and schools, she said

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