Spam: Reduce Spam by Protecting Your Web Site from E-mail Harvesters By admin | March 26, 2007 With spam being perhaps the number one headache for firms that do business online, it is important to make sure that you're doing everything possible to block all avenues that spammers use to get unwanted mail on to your network. One of the most common methods that spam operators employ to get a hold of your e-mail address is to "harvest" e-mail addresses from your company's web site. In other words, if your e-mail address appears on your web site (or any web site, for that matter), chances are that an e-mail harvesting bot has read it right off of your site and added it to the database of addresses that are used to send you spam. There are several ways to prevent e-mail harvesters from being able to "read" your e-mail address from your web site. One of the most popular methods is to simply display your contact information as an image, rather than as text. Most harvesting bots aren't equipped to extract e-mail addresses from images, so this is a great way to display your address to visitors, but not to harvesting bots. Another way of protecting your address is to use Javascript to "render" your e-mail address into your web page on the fly, which works against bots that do not understand Javascript. You can learn more about "obfuscating" the e-mail addresses on your web site from e-mail harvesters at

ISM: FTP Timed Allow Feature Now Available By admin | March 22, 2007 We've recently added a feature to the ISM interface to allow you to enable outbound FTP access on your entire network for a fixed period of time, after which FTP will once again be blocked. But the researchers found that nearly 90 percent of the children in the study had been born in california; This allows you to open up FTP briefly so that you can download drivers, upload files, etc, while letting the ISM remember to put the default FTP block in place after 15 minutes, and hour, or however long you choose. You may access this feature from the ISM web interface by clicking on the "IDS Management" tab, setting the timer under "Allow Outbound FTP for This Amount of Time", and then clicking on "Enable". If you need to put the FTP block in place again before the timer expires, you can always return to this page and simply click on the "Disable" button. .

ISM: Threat Alert Bug Fix By admin | March 16, 2007 We recently updated the ISM to fix a bug that was discovered in Threat Alert, which monitors the internal LAN. Under certain circumstances, the Threat Alert web interface would not display all threats that the software on the ISM was detecting in real-time. This issue has now been corrected, and all malware threats should appear as they happen in the Threat Alert GUI in the future. This issue only affected reporting of the issues in the GUI, and did not affect any of the systems that protect ISM customers from threats on the Internet.
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ISM: RSS Ticker Launched By admin | March 15, 2007 We are pleased to announce the launch of our RSS Ticker within the Internet Security Manager interface. The ticker will display ISM- and security-related news found here on our blog. Our goal is to provide you with a simple way to keep up to date on new features and important network security news all in one place. If you'd like to learn more about the RSS technology that we're using to power our feed, check out this article on wikipedia.
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ISM: Spam Rules Updated By admin | March 15, 2007 New spam rules are in place. But unlike instagramed photos, there's none of the visit our website timeless, artistic effects to our snippets of digital conversation. Mail users should see a decrease in spam in several areas, stock spam, pharmacy spam and various others. Additionally our primary spam engine, spamassassin has been upgraded due to a discovered vulnerability in the previous version. More info on the vulnerability can be found .

ISM: 802.1Q VLAN tagging now supported By admin | March 14, 2007 ISM now supports 802.1Q VLAN tagging on every new ISM. For those ISM's already in the field an update can be applied within 24 hours. A reboot will be required for this update. For those not familar with 802.1Q tagging, it requires using a switch (usually a Cisco) that can identify each VLAN via a "tag". Each tag is routed from within the switch to a particular port. Commonly used to logically separate workstations for security reasons. It can be thought of in terms of a virtual NIC connected to a virtual LAN. It can be very powerful and has the ability to accept DHCP on each VLAN node.
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ISM: Daylight Saving Time Problem with Watchguard By admin | March 13, 2007 Click Here for more details.
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ISM: Why am I getting so much stock related spam? By admin | March 11, 2007 It's called pump-and-dump. There is a article Here that explains how the SEC is finally doing something about part of the problem.
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ISM: MAC Address now included in LAN Tab View By admin | March 11, 2007 The MAC Address has been added in the LAN view in the ISM web GUI. Thanks to everyone that made this feature request! lan_view_mac.png
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ISM: Windows Ad-Hoc Wireless Turned on by Default By admin | March 11, 2007 There are two different types of wireless connections with Windows. Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc. Infrastructure is the one everyone is familiar with, a connection to a wireless access point like a LinkSys or Dlink router. Ad-Hoc is something different, it is mean to connect directly to another computer directly. The idea is that maybe you might want to trade files with someone at a conference or in some other situation where you don't have Internet connectivity. All well and good. As we see all the time, good intentions bad implementation. The trouble is that Ad-Hoc is turned on by default in XP and is constantly looking for other Ad-Hoc networks. Someone can mimic your home or business SSID. Go here for more details on how the exploit might work. To turn it off go here and follow the instructions. Although not on by default, there are also instructions for turning off OSX Ad-Hoc wireless at the top of the page.
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ISM: Windows Wireless Zero Configuration By admin | March 10, 2007 The Zero in "Zero Configuration" is supposed to mean that users don't have to do any setup to connect to wirless (WI-FI) access points. The students cheap article writing service complete lessons online, using computers and mailed learning materials. There are many reports of Zero Configuration Wireless causing random connections. There are some security concerns with Zero Config as well, turns out that Zero Config will broadcast all of your SSID's that you have ever connected too, to anyone listening. We think this is a classic case good intentions (lets make it easier for users to connect to WI-FI), but just a not well thought out implementation. Unbelievably you cannot get this update through the Windows update mechanism. You have to get it , download and install in order to shut down the SSID broadcast. .
ISM: Daylight Savings Time By admin | March 10, 2007 All Internet Security Managers have been updated with the latest Daylight Savings Time information. If you have Windows XP, 2003 or Vista then you shouldn't need to do a thing. If you have an older Windows system you can get a free patch here: According to some sites Microsoft is charging 4K for these older Windows systems. Our recommendation is to use the free patch, we have used it throughout our organization without any trouble yet. Once you agree to the license agreement you can my forum google phone tracker download the app. If you have OSX then you are covered as well. Wikipedia entry for Daylights Savings Time Enjoy the daylight! .
ISM: Email Server Enhancement By admin | March 10, 2007 envelope.jpg UIA is pleased to announce the availability of company-wide e-mail footers for customers using the e-mail service on their Internet Security Manager! With this feature you will be able to set up a message that will be attached to the end of all outgoing e-mails sent from your office. This message may include contact information, a company-wide e-mail disclaimer, or any other useful information that you would like to send to recipients of your company e-mail. Unlike other e-mail footer solutions, this new feature allows you to set your e-mail footer in one location for all outgoing e-mail, rather than requiring you to set up each e-mail client on your network manually. In addition, your footer message will be attached to both plain and rich text (HTML) e-mails, ensuring that your message appears in any kind of e-mail that is sent out by your employees. If you already have mail enabled on your ISM, this feature is immediately available for your use. Simply log into your ISM, click on the Mail Admin tab, and then select User Administration. Then click Manage Company Wide E-mail Footer, and provide your mail footer on the next screen. When finished, click on Save Footer to make the e-mail footer active for all outgoing e-mail.
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About By admin | March 10, 2007 The Internet Security Manager (ISM) is a fully managed and fully featured security business solution. This web site is dedicated to disseminating news about the ISM and other relevant security news from around the Internet.
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